Through coaching, training, team building and group facilitation, I help leaders unleash discretionary effort in themselves and others by:

  • Building confidence in their natural leadership style
  • Claiming formal and informal power
  • Adapting to meet the demands of the environment in which the operate
  • Defining and leveraging their role
  • Developing skills,  talents and strengths
  • Trusting  themselves to make decisions and take risks


Training offerings


Coaching to Maximize Performance

Learn to develop and empower others through a simple coaching process. This coaching process is easy to incorporate into day-to-day activities. Leaders learn how to increase the capacity and capability of others to get more done with less effort on their part.

Foundations of Leadership: A Core Skills Course for Leaders

Increase your ability to create environments in which people take responsibility and accountability. Learn how to bring out the best in others by setting clear expectations, delegating, giving useful feedback, listening, adapting your leadership style, dealing with conflict and building an effective team.

Power Play!: Achieving Results through Personal Power and Leadership

Power Play! is the experience of tapping into your energy and power to achieve what you want, regardless of what is happening “out there.” It is a fun, energizing, innovative way of looking at old problems and patterns; one that lets you find ways to take productive action. We will explore the fundamentals of power, why we desire and resist power, types of power and personal power strategies that achieve results.

The Organization Workshop: Developing Partnerships that Deliver Results

Develop new strategies for creating and sustaining strategic partnerships up, down and across organizational lines. We will explore and experience ways to productively manage system dynamics to achieve results with less effort. You will also learn how to influence others and create alignment around common goals.

Leader Effectiveness Training (LET)

Leader Effectiveness Training provides a concrete, actionable set of tools and skills that reduce conflict in the workplace, increase time on task and measurably reduce the costs of people problems. Throughout the intensive program, leaders participate in skill-building through lively presentations, role plays, one-on-one coaching and small group discussions.

Developing the Leader Within

In this workshop, leaders explore what it takes from the inside out to be an effective leader. This course invites participants to find their authentic sweet spot for leading, through self-reflection and group exercises. Participants learn how to balance and combine Vision, Relationships, Courage and Creativity as necessary elements of successful leadership.