Would you like to experience the power of:

  • A more fully engaged workforce?
  • Achieving better results with fewer headaches?
  • Feeling fully engaged in what you do?

Did you know?

  • In companies with high levels of employee engagement, operating income improved by 19% over 12 months while, in companies with low levels of engagement operating income declined by 33%.*
  • Only 31% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs.**
  • Emotional engagement is 4 times more valuable than rational engagement in driving employee effort.***
  • Everyone has significant amounts of untapped potential that they could contribute.
  • In this economy, companies can no longer get by with employees just “showing up” or doing the minimum required.
*Towers Watson, 2010, **Blessing and White, 2010, ***Corporate Leadership Council, 2004

Discretionary Effort

The concept of “Discretionary Effort” was first coined by Yankelowich & Immerwahr in 1984.

The importance of tapping discretionary effort is this:  It is only when people go above and beyond what they “have to” can your organization outperform its competition.


It is imperative that leaders unleash and align the strengths, intelligence and creativity of their people; in essence, the power of their people.