Energy + Focused action = Power to achieve results

Energy and focus are at the heart of high performance and achieving results. In the midst of the complexity, change and uncertainty of today’s marketplace, energy and focus seem to be in short supply. I believe we all have dormant energy and power waiting to be accessed,  focused and used.  I help leaders find simple ways to unleash this power to bring out the best in themselves and others.  At the same time, there many who just go through the motions when they clearly have more to contribute. Both situations result from not understanding how to leverage the collective power of energy and focus. For example:

1) Focus without enough energy leads to going through the motions just to get by. People have more they could contribute, but just don’t have the desire or motivation.

2) Energy without enough focus leads to frenetic activity and eventually burnout. People have the desire and motivation, but scatter their efforts in lots of activities that do not lead anywhere productive.    


Do you see yourself in either of these situations? Or those you lead and manage?

Both situations can result in loss of creativity, commitment and productivity.

The key to success in today’s workplace lies in learning two main skills:

  1. Unleashing sustainable sources of personal energy, commitment and drive
  2. Identifying and taking high-leverage, focused action in the face of uncertainty.

Even though energy can be an ambiguous term, we clearly know when we have energy and when we don’t. What we don’t know are basic principles of energy management; principles that allow us to renew and catalyze energy so it can be directed to achieve what we want.

Focus is the other component that is necessary to unleash powerful action. How many times have you heard yourself saying, “If I only knew what would work, I’d do it.” There is a new set of skills needed to create focus in a world of uncertainty and change.