Do you want to navigate change, conflict, projects or career transitions more successfully?


Power Play! is a simple process that unleashes personal and collective power to get more done with less effort. It is an innovative way of focusing energy to take productive action. The process explores the fundamentals of power and influence, types of power, why we both desire and resist power and specific power strategies. The Power Play! process helps people:

  • Gain confidence in accessing and using power


  • Identify and avoid personal power traps


  • Eliminate wasted time and energy


Power Play! Process


Power Play! can be experienced individually or as a group.


Power Play Coaching Process -Three one-on-one sessions that uncover personal power patterns and how to take more powerful action.


Power Play Workshops – A series of three workshops that develop three arenas of power; Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational.


Intended Audience – Team leaders and members, leaders at all levels, Human Resource Professionals and anyone who wants to improve their ability to take positive action in the midst of uncertainty and change.


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