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Unleash your power to meet challenges with ease!

Leadership Coaching, Training, Consulting and Group Facilitation


Energy + Focused action = Power to achieve results

Energy and focus are at the heart of high performance and achieving results. In the midst of the complexity, change and uncertainty of today’s marketplace, energy and focus seem to be in short supply. I believe we all have dormant energy and power waiting to be accessed,  focused and used.  I help leaders find simple ways to unleash this power to bring out the best in themselves and others. 


Most leaders, no matter how good, experience the frustration of not being able to achieve the results they want as fast as they want. It isn’t because there is something wrong with their employees, boss, company or themselves.  It’s because of core leadership dilemmas that need to be managed. Left unmanaged, these dilemmas are energy drains on the leader and everyone involved.   My passion is helping leaders eliminate these energy drains and unleash the power of everyone to meet challenges with ease.

Power Tip

Move from “either/or” to “both/and” thinking.   You’ll find that at one moment something seems unresolvable…a conundrum, no way out.   And then in the next moment, because of this simple shift, a way forward appears. It is a remarkable experience!

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